I am G. S. Richter, author of All the Dead Comedians (2021), In Fear of Praise (2020), and Nihil’s Retina (2018). My new novel is The Wrong Planet, set to be released in hardcover, paperback, and kindle formats some time this year.

The Wrong Planet is the near-future story of a young family man befuddled by the pace at which society is changing around him. Gene-editing technology has appeared on the market, and Seth finds himself working for Home Harmonix: the world’s first designer genetics clinic, where clients can cosmetically design their children. Seth spends his days building psychological profiles on clients, while his wife Ingrid—a part-time yoga instructor and part-time stay-at-home mom—is being groomed into a bizarre accelerationist cult. When Seth’s work catches the eye of a popular internet celebrity, he is sucked into a social vortex teeming with political turmoil, and ultimately forced to question his own basic humanity. Think of it as dystopia-lite.

If you like fiction that is darkly humorous, irreverent, and with a touch of the perverse, you have come to the right place.

I’ll post a few sample chapters of The Wrong Planet here. My previous novel, All the Dead Comedians, is available here in full.

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Mostly dark comedy and depressive realism with touches of sci-fi here and there.


G. S. Richter

G. S. Richter is a novelist. His newest published works are a trio of novellas: Solitude & Its Enemies, Men as Lovers, and Let the Devil In. Previous works include The Wrong Planet (2022) and more. www.amazon.com/author/gsrichter or www.gsrichter.com